6 Press Release Options

6 Press Release Options


The August edition of the Milldam Monthly wrapped-up our summer series of newsletters. The three installments (June, July & August) examined the topic of “News on the Go,” with August’s issue – “Going Mobile” – considering the impact of mobile devices on both news and business. The “News” section of this issue inspired us to outline 6 different options for your next press announcement.

One of our favorite days every month is when we pull this section together. It’s a fun reminder of the new activities and achievements our clients have been announcing. August’s selection is notable for the diversity of news items our clients released. Below, we’ve listed six features from the newsletter and explain why each type of news makes for both an interesting press release and helpful tool which can be used to position your company in the media.


1) New Program/Product

Instor Fit-Up Program Featured by Facility Executive

  • Milldam Analysis: The new program or product announcement tops our list of great press release opportunities. This type of news is always exciting to pitch and shows-off a company’s innovation within their industry. There really aren’t any downsides to announcing a new offering.
  • From the Newsletter: Over the past 24 months, Instor has put into practice its Fit-Up Program with numerous colocation providers and enterprise data centers. The program goes beyond the limitations of typical expansion strategies and reveals the efficiency, speed and financial opportunities available to the design/build market. The Fit-Up program has been proven to reduce build lead times and costs by 20-40%. Read the full article at Facility Executive. 


2) Thought Leadership

Upsite Technologies Releases White Paper On How IT Decisions Impact the Data Center

  • Milldam Analysis: News announcements about thought leadership are another great way to maximize the publication of a substantial whitepaper (beyond lead generation, advertisement, social media, and shorter content pieces). By featuring your own leadership, you remind your audience of your depth as a brand that can go far beyond just making a sale.
  • From the Newsletter: Upsite’s newest paper is for both data center end-users and employees working in IT. It explores how IT and Facilities can work together to optimize the data center environment and offers several recommendations with an overall emphasis on collaborative best practices. Read more about this topic at the Data Center Journal.


3) New Hire

Mission Critical Magazine Features Copie Davis, RF Code’s New Director of Channel Development

  • Milldam Analysis: New hire announcements demonstrate continued company growth and help keep the industry (especially smaller ones) updated on who’s moving where. These kinds of announcements can also be combined with program enhancements, regional expansions, or other points of growth for even greater impact.
  • From the Newsletter: RF Code recently appointed Copie Davis to the position of Director of Channel Development. Mr. Davis brings over 17 years of experience to his role with the company and will be responsible for growing the size and spreading the influence of RF Code’s channel partner program. See the write-up at Mission Critical Magazine.


4) Expanded Offerings

Level3 Establishes a New PoP in ColocationGuard’s Brooklyn Data Center

  • Milldam Analysis: Differing from a completely new product, expanded offerings can build on an established foundation and highlight a company’s new or additional benefits within their industry. Particularly useful for updating current and potential customers, announcing an expansion of services is helpful to peak interest from a well-established offering or remind your target audience of a service that they may not be taking advantage of.
  • From the Newsletter: TelecomPaper has featured Level3’s new Point of Presence at ColoGuard Enterprise Solutions’ (ColocationGuard) flagship data center in Brooklyn, New York. This partnership will deliver new resources to handle the rising bandwidth requirements of both established companies and the developing startups that make up ColocationGuard’s customer base. Read more on the new alliance at TelecomPaper.


5) Partnership

Wyoming Business Report Publishes on Hurricane Electric’s Partnership with Advanced Communications Technology

  • Milldam Analysis: Partnership news releases can take many forms and help to demonstrate a company’s healthy growth and positioning in the marketplace. These types of releases have many moving pieces, but no matter what kind of partnership is being forged, your PR firm should be able to handle coordinating quotes, drafts and/or approvals necessary for a finished release. Once the news is live, it may encourage other constituents to reach out for your next partnership as well.
  • From the Newsletter: Advanced Communications Technology (ACT), a full-service communications solutions provider, is host to Hurricane Electric’s newest PoP at their ACT Data Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Hurricane Electric’s partnership establishes the Global Internet backbone as the first Tier 1 connection available in the area. Learn more about Hurricane’s Midwestern expansion at Wyoming Business Report.


6) Industry Resource

Panduit’s New Jack E. Caveney Innovation Center Featured In Cabling Installation and Maintenance

  • Milldam Analysis: Placing yourself as a go-to industry resource is an important aspect of any news release, but sometimes one element or announcement will be able to stand on its own. An educational center, a talk, an event, an addition to your website, or a webinar can all serve this purpose and remind your audience of all you have to offer. In this instance, Panduit’s unique ability to perform in-depth product testing on-site is a major differentiator throughout a variety of data center and cabling industries.
  • From the Newsletter: Panduit recently opened an 18,000 square foot center for their research and development team. Named after the company’s founder, the complex houses copper, optics, data center, and industrial automation labs. The site also features a world-class thermal laboratory with a 640kW capacity for R&D, partner-inclusive testing, and validation of real-world scenarios. Read the full article at Cabling Installation and Maintenance.

We’re highlighting these 6 types of press announcements because August’s newsletter showcased such a wide variety of options. We don’t stop at just 6 though – there are many more kinds of press releases that may be a good fit for your company and its upcoming news.