Milldam Monthly: Going Mobile

Milldam Monthly: Going Mobile

Issue: #48
 Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Welcome to the August edition of the Milldam Monthly. This is the final installment of the Milldam Summer Series “News on the Go,” which focuses on mobility.
Despite the summer slowdown as August turns to September, the news and company activity from our clients remain at an all-time high! This newsletter features the launch of Milldam’s very own blog, The
Milldam Minute. Similarly busy, our clients are publishing papers, opening offices, hiring executives, and helping to drive change within their industries. Read more to get the details.
As we researched topics for the Summer Series,  much of our time was spent talking about accessing news wherever you go. Getting news anywhere and
quickly are both important points. In the final installment, this month we focus on mobile technology. How do you use your mobile device? For news? Possibly right now as you read this newsletter? The rise of mobility is inevitable and impactful
for us all. Read a few of our thoughts below.
As always, if you’re interested in exploring how we can support your public relations and marketing campaigns, just reach out.
Best Wishes,
Adam Waitkunas
Milldam Public Relations
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In a Milldam Minute
In case you haven’t heard, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Milldam blog this month!
The Milldam Minute will feature posts by our very own President, Adam Waitkunas (“Anecdotally Adam”), along with Brendon Stellman (“Pure BS”) and Caroline Haley (“Caroline’s Cloud”).
We created this blog as a place to explore the challenges and excitement of working in PR and marketing for technology-focused brands. Let us know
if you’d like to contribute a piece as well!
This month has already featured posts about communicating with the media and whether Instagram can work for your business. We publish once a week, so keep your eye on our social platforms for new blog posts.
Check out the full blog here.
Capitalize on the Mobile Revolution
It’s no secret that consumers are spending increasingly more time and money on things related to mobile technology.
Many of you are doing this in your professional lives as well as exploring new ways to incorporate mobility into your products. Forbes recently chatted with Matt Asay, the VP of mobile for Adobe Marketing Cloud and discussed his recommendations on how business start-ups can take advantage of this mobile takeover. Here are his main points:
  1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly – while apps are extremely beneficial, you don’t necessarily need one to drive mobile traffic; just make sure that your user interface (UI) fits well on a smaller screen. There are many development platforms, such as SquareSpace or WordPress, that can help with this shift.
  2. Analytics are important – you can gain more information about your audience if you know the type of device they’re using to learn about you. For example, maybe customers are actually retrieving information via iPads and tablets rather than cell phones. Being able to review data (from what types of devices customers access your website/app/service) is important.
  3. Create an app – with the use of analytics, you know whether your customers primarily access your information from Android or iOS devices. Focus your app on whichever platform is more widely used (or, for some of us, make your choice based on ease of development and/or cost). After an app is developed, you want to generate as many downloads as possible, typically via expansive marketing and PR campaigns.
  4. Conversion is key – the goal is to drive loyal users to your app. For example, if you own a home improvement business, build an app with features geared for contractors. These are the people that come into the store on a regular basis and make large purchases.
Matt’s last words of advice go back to the basics: “Follow the money” and “Conversion is the key”. This is sound advice for any industry when it comes to taking advantage of mobile technology to grow your company. Good luck on your mobile endeavors and if you have an app we should know about, let us know.
Read the full article at Forbes.
Mobile Control of the Rio Olympics
Mobile devices were expected to be the “first screen” that viewers used to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics. According to a recent survey of US users by Phunware (prior to the Games), a majority said they planned to watch on a mobile device. As it turned out for Americans, most actually watched on a PC, though 20% of viewers did indeed turn to mobile
This 20% was looking for something specific. People in today’s society have a desire to be able to control what they see on their screens. When watching on a mobile device, users can pick and choose what events they want to watch. Results of Phunware’s initial survey showed that mobile is more than just a secondary screen to watch the games. Viewers want to be able to see the content they desire whenever they want to view it.
Phunware’s survey also revealed that 86% of clients prefer live coverage (mobile or otherwise). Three out of every four consumers said they were concerned by the lack of live event coverage during previous Olympic Games and 61% of respondents said that the events are significantly less captivating to watch when they’re not live.
Essentially, in watching the 2016 Olympics, people want the ability to choose not only which events to watch but also the countries participating. Mobile technology was one option that offered viewers more freedom over traditional television coverage.
While mobile technology has crept-up on traditional television viewing habits for years, global-scale television coverage of an event like the Olympics emphasizes the need for change and illustrates the directions we’re moving toward as viewers demand increased mobile access to the events they love.
Learn more about mobile technology and the 2016 Rio Olympics at VentureBeat.
Milldam wonders about 2017 Super Bowl coverage, as the game is consistently one of the most-watched televised events each year. Will this too incorporate more mobile-friendly opportunities? We’ll do some research as February approaches and report back later in the year!
Instor Fit-Up Program Featured by Facility Executive
Over the past 24 months, Instor has put into practice its Fit-Up Program with numerous colocation providers and enterprise data centers. The program goes beyond the limitations of typical expansion strategies and reveals the efficiency, speed and financial opportunities available to the design/build market. The Fit-Up program has been proven to reduce build lead times and costs by 20-40%. Read the full article at Facility Executive.


Upsite Technologies Releases White Paper On How IT Decisions Impact the Data Center
Upsite’s newest paper is for both data center end-users and employees working in IT. It explores how IT and Facilities can work together to optimize the data center environment and offers several recommendations with an overall emphasis on collaborative best practices. Read more about this topic at the Data Center Journal.


TelecomPaper has featured Level3’s new Point of Presence at ColoGuard Enterprise Solutions’ (ColocationGuard) flagship data center in Brooklyn, New York. This partnership will deliver new resources to handle the rising bandwidth requirements of both established companies and the developing startups that make up ColocationGuard’s customer base. Read more on the new alliance at
Wyoming Business Report Publishes on Hurricane Electric’s Partnership with Advanced Communications Technology
Advanced Communications Technology (ACT), a full-service communications solutions provider, is host to Hurricane Electric’s newest PoP at their ACT Data Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Hurricane Electric’s partnership establishes the Global Internet backbone as the first Tier 1 connection available in the area. Learn more about Hurricane’s Midwestern expansion at Wyoming Business Report.


Panduit’s New Jack E. Caveney Innovation Center Featured In Cabling Installation and Maintenance
Panduit recently opened an 18,000 square foot center for their research and development team. Named after the company’s founder, the complex houses copper, optics, data center, and industrial automation labs. The site also features a world-class thermal laboratory with a 640kW capacity for R&D, partner-inclusive testing, and validation of real-world scenarios. Read the full article at Cabling Installation and Maintenance.
Brexit Could Block Digital Traffic
When people throughout the European Union purchase items online, their personal credit card information is often transported to large data centers located in the United Kingdom. Officials are now concerned that with Britain’s exit from the Union, digital traffic could be impacted, resulting in profound repercussions on the British economy. Read the article at Data Center Knowledge.


Delta Data Center Disaster
This August, Delta Airlines experienced a sever power outage in Atlanta that impacted their entire worldwide network. According to sources, a fire broke-out in one of the company’s data centers during a switch from a primary to a back-up generator. Ultimately, both were destroyed, which halted data center operations and grounded thousands of passengers. Get the full story at Data Centres News.


Advocate Healthcare Network to pay $5.5 Million for Violating HIPAA
Advocate has agreed to pay over 5 million dollars in settlement costs for three separate data breaches that occurred within months of one another in 2013. The company failed to conduct risk assessments, obtain a business associate agreement with a third party contractor who handled billing, and safeguard laptops that contained ePHI (electronic protected health information). Read more about this breach of information at Data Center Knowledge.


28 and ½ Points of Human Interest About the Data Center Industry
A PhD student of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge shares the findings from his fieldwork in data centers.
He considers the profusion of people necessary to keep data centers successfully running and offers some corresponding anthropological observations that can be drawn from the prioritization of the more human elements of data centers. Read all of his points in an entertaining article at Datacenter Dynamics.
AFCOM Data Center World Fall 

September 12-15
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, LA

Critical Power Expo
September 13-15
Suburban Collection Showplace
Novi, MI

The Fourth Annual Washington, D.C. & Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit


September 19-21
Bellagio Resort and Hotel
Las Vegas, NV


September 19-22
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA


September 27
UMass Lowell Innovation Hub
Lowell, MA


September 29
Sheraton Hotel
Framingham, MA


October 3-5
Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, NC


October 5-6
Hyatt Regency Toronto
Toronto, Canada
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