TelecomRamblings Includes Hurricane Electric in “Int’l Bytes” Column

TelecomRamblings Includes Hurricane Electric in “Int’l Bytes” Column


The regular column, “Int’l Bytes” by Telecom Ramblings, covers notable news items from telecom or Internet companies working worldwide. This week’s includes a mention of Hurricane Electric’s new Point of Presence in Djibouti. From the article:

Int’l Bytes: Aqua Comms, Hurricane Electric, Telia, Colt, Interoute, Equinix

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I’m on the road this week and most of next week.  Here’s a whole bunch of catch-up from the international front:

Hurricane Electric has invested in an expansion into eastern Africa and the Middle East. The global backbone operator is building its network into Equinix Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the Djibouti Data Center in Djibouti, and the East Africa Data Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. They will also be connecting to the UAE-IX, the Djibouti IX, and the Kenya Internet Exchange for good measure.

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