To Whitespace and Beyond

To Whitespace and Beyond


Instor, RLE Technologies, and Upsite Technologies jointly produced the seminar, Beyond Whitespace, on April 27, 2017. The event was hosted at Digital Realty’s 2805 Lafayette Street facility in Santa Clara, CA. Bringing together an intimate group of about 30 end users and industry professionals, the event offered a forum for education and discussion around building out and optimizing data center whitespace. It concluded with an impressive tour of the Digital Realty facility, giving attendees the opportunity to visualize or consider points about operations made earlier in the day within an actual setting. This photo editorial offers a glimpse of the event:

Welcome to Beyond Whitespace! The event was held from 8:00-11:30 at a Digital Realty data center in Santa Clara, CA.
Attendees line up to check in with security and get a name badge.
The day began with everyone enjoying a light breakfast from a popular, local bakery.
Attendees swapping stories about data center best practices!

By 9:00, we gathered in the adjoining conference room for presentations by experts in a variety of data center fields that relate to whitespace.
The room was filled to capacity with more than 30 end users and local data center professionals.
The event was moderated by Mark Bramfitt, a data center energy and utility consultant who was influential in developing PG&E’s data center program.
Lars Strong, from Upsite Technologies, kicked-off the discussion with a review of data center airflow principles including the importance of understanding your hidden Delta Ts.
Cam Rogers, from RLE Technologies, reviewed the importance of installing leak detection and environmental monitoring technologies.
Steve Clark, at Instor, talked about building out whitespace with attention to optimizing the space, and understanding the environment, from the very start.
Attendees listened to the presenters and actively interjected during the course of the morning.

George Rogers, from Digital Realty, explained the position of Digital Realty in the colocation market.
George’s colleague at the Santa Clara facility, Joe Rousseau, wrapped up the Digital Realty talk by pointing out some elements of the data center and prepping the group for the tour of the building that followed.
Absorbing the last of the speakers’ points.
Several conversations developed as the seminar portion of the event concluded and attendees started to gather for our tour.

While we would have loved pics of the actual data center, Digital Realty (understandably) does not allow photos. We encourage you to reach out for a tour if you find yourself in Santa Clara!
Thanks to all who participated in and attended Beyond Whitespace! We hope to see you next time.

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