Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine Features Instor’s Data Center Estimator

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine Features Instor’s Data Center Estimator


Announced yesterday, Instor Solutions Inc’s Data Center Fit Up Estimator is a free online tool to help data center managers calculate the cost of a new buildout. From the article:

Instor’s free data center project estimator eases facility whitespace planning

February 8, 2017
Instor Solutions, Inc., a specialist in data center infrastructure solutions, has announced the release of its complimentary Data Center Fit Up Estimator tool. The tool allows data center owners, operators and colocation sales teams to quickly estimate anticipated expenses in the initial stages of a new project or whitespace build-out to forecast total cost.Analyzing actual specifications, vendor products, and regional differences, the Data Center Fit Up Estimator produces a rough estimate of the financial impact of a new build or expanded data center project. By adjusting size factors, power requirements, and other details, data center owners, operators and colo sales teams can review various scenarios of a new build and make allowances accordingly while watching the financial total adjust alongside those changes.

Instor says the Data Center Fit Up Estimator integrates information from multiple elements within a typical data center whitespace project. As project costs vary from region to region, the estimator takes into consideration the geographic location of the data center, in addition to the configuration, based on real-life component costs from projects completed in those areas. The tool maintains a running total to help facility owners and operators benchmark the financial perimeters of a project. After receiving an estimate, users have the option to validate their project’s total cost and scope.Related:  Instor Solutions launches data center earthquake protection service

“The release of the Data Center Fit Up Estimator will provide an innovative tool for understanding the potential buildout costs for data center fit ups,” said Jack Vonich, vice president of sales and marketing at Instor. “Whether used to validate numbers, estimate projections, or gain budget approvals for projects, the estimator was designed to benchmark new builds within realistic financial perimeters. Its flexibility allows users to scale potential projects and make informed decisions about space and power financial requirements to ensure clarity and success for the project from its earliest stages.”

Instor is a specialist in data center design, structured cabling, power infrastructure, and specialized containment and cooling solutions. With over 25 years of experience, the company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and has complete North American coverage with regional hubs in the Ashburn, VA area and the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Instor also has capabilities extending to Europe, with a European headquarters based in Dublin, Ireland.
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