Milldam Monthly: Reliable Sources

Milldam Monthly: Reliable Sources


Issue: #51
Welcome to the November edition of the Milldam Monthly.


This was a busy month for both Milldam and our clients, as we continue to execute our marketing and PR campaigns before the year’s end. We’re excited to recognize client and global Internet backbone Hurricane Electric, which announced the launch of  three new Points-of-Presence  this month! Read on for more details.


We were also excited to catch up with clients and peers who came through Boston for HubSpot’s Inbound marketing conference (pictured below):



Enjoy November’s recap of blogs published since last month, as well as a PR tip that examines the role of trustworthy media, an especially relevant topic considering today’s political climate. 
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While we work with companies and data centers all over the country, we’re excited to support a growing group established right in our backyard:
The group explains:

The goal of the Boston Data Center Community is in the name: create a community where we can educate each other, leverage our collective skills, discuss broad topics, and socialize with the common foundation of “data centers”.

Join the Boston Data Center Community for its next event!


Thursday, December 8th
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
8th Floor Mezzanine
274 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210
drinks, light appetizers, and networking with Boston-area data center professionals.


Last Month’s Blogs
Every week, we release a new post to our company blog, the
Milldam Minute. Below, please see the blogs published since our last newsletter!
Listen, Learn, & Live Tweet
No matter the size of the event you’re attending, live tweeting while you’re there is a great way to engage with content, speakers, and attendees. This blog outlines some tips and thoughts on how to approach the art of live tweeting.
The Milldam Monthly: From 0 to 50
We released our fiftieth edition of the Milldam Monthly in October! This blog recaps the issue and compares how we’ve changed our company newsletter from the first to the fiftieth.
Don’t Avoid Whitepapers
Writing a whitepaper is a huge project to undertake, especially if you’re pressed for time and/or money. However, the benefits you gain from a whitepaper may present even more opportunities than you realize. This is Milldam’s opinion on the whitepaper.
Nemertes Research Presents at Hurricane Electric Networking Event
We were excited to support Hurricane Electric’s Carrier Networking Event on Nomveber 17th. The event featured a speaker from Nemertes Research. Enjoy our compilation of photos.
The Forgotten Lead Gen Tool: Micro Events
The 20-50 person sized event is not to be overlooked as you consider strategies for lead generation next year. Adam’s November blog considers the merits of this size and style meet-up and it also outlines Milldam’s Six Strategies for running a successful Micro Event.
We love the media. We work in Public Relations so we have a close relationship with many media factions, reporters, and publications. Information, quotes, stories, and news are all important to our work and our clients.
In the wake of the 2016 election however, the role and reliability of the media has been challenged by many in and out of politics. As Milldam researched the topic further, we came across this article titled “Bernie Sanders Could Replace President Trump With Little-Known Loophole” that has nothing to do with Sanders and nothing to do with Trump.
The article is a thought piece about click-bait and the instinct of some people, while browsing articles online, to immediately like, comment, or share without actually reading the material itself. This kind of action creates, as the author points out, a misinformed public sharing questionable articles without proper research or validation.
After our own read of the piece, we re-imagine author Matt Masur’s points into the five “don’ts” to stick to before sharing an article online. After all, part of ensuring credible PR is making sure the content you’re reissuing into the public is valid.
1: Don’t be lazy (part 1)
The essence of this point should be obvious. Don’t share something you haven’t read! Just because a headline sounds good doesn’t mean the content appropriately reflects it.
2: Don’t assume reliable sources
Just because an article HAS sources, doesn’t mean those sources are, themselves, reliable. If facts appear suspicious, go further and investigate an article’s sources to make sure that cited facts originate from an organization that you can trust (even if you disagree with them).
3: Don’t recycle
Check the date on this story. Certain sensational stories can take on the quality of memes and circle the web over and over. Stay current with your news and information so you don’t get caught in a similar cycle of sharing for the shock factor.
4: Don’t read blatantly slanted stories
Even if the facts are technically true, an honestly informed reader will search for news outlets and articles that can take into account varying points of view.
5: Don’t be lazy (part 2)
With the Internet available to us at any time, there’s no excuse for sharing a questionable story (even if it aligns with your ideology) and claiming innocence when a quick search disproves it. Just Google something if you sense a story might be false to avoid spreading inaccurate information.
It’s good PR to make sure your own content, blogs, or press releases are based in truth, fact, and validated information. But it’s also equally important PR to share content that stands up to the standards you set for yourself too. Sticking to a few “don’ts” like these will help you stay informed – the right way.
Hurricane Electric Enters Moncton, New Brunswick with Point of Presence
One of several Canadian PoPs for the Global Internet Backbone, the Moncton, New Brunswick location is with Fibre Centre. This write-up comes in a piece examining the connectivity activity for this particular colo as part of a larger move for expanded network options in the New Brunswick area. Read more in context at Data Center Knowledge.
RLE Technologies Appoints New President
Jeremy Swanner, former EVP of the company, has accepted the role of President for RLE Technologies. Mr. Swanner joined RLE in 2012 and previously worked with Server Technology and Staples Corporate. Learn more about this executive hire at Channel Partners Online.Data Centres News Features Philadelphia PoP for Hurricane Electric
Hurricane Electric has established a Point of Presence at Equinix’s PH1 IBX Data Center. This location will enable customers of Equinix access to the company’s extensive IPv4 and IPv6 network through 100GE (100 Gigabit Ethernet), 10GE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) and GigE (1 Gigabit Ethernet) ports. Read the article at Data Centres News.Future Facilities Partners with Cormant
Cormant’s DCIM solution and Future Facilities’ engineering simulation software are being employed by both companies, together, to provide greater levels of visibility into the data center. This partnership offers greater data center operational efficiency, scalability and reliability. Get more details about the partnership at Healthcare Facilities Today.

Hurricane Electric Establishes Presence in Minnesota with Neutral Path
One of Hurricane Electric’s newest PoPs is with Neutral Path Communications out of Belle Plaine, Minnesota. Hurricane’s third in the state, this Point of Presence will increase connectivity options for customers of Neutral Path and throughout the Midwest. Read the article at Telecom Paper.

Faster and Sexier Data Centers (Yes, Really)
Data Center Frontier recently published a piece about the Infrastructure Masons, a fraternal-style organization comprised of leaders in the data center industry. The group is dedicated to making data centers sexier, in part to attract the younger workforce this faction of the technology sector is going to need as demand for data center power and innovation keeps up with the masses of data people continually produce. Read more at the
Data Center Frontier.


Illinois Energy Companies Exelon and ComEd Leading New Legislation
Future Energy Jobs Bill will reduce costs and address feedback gathered from a wide variety of stakeholders since the bill was introduced. Changes led by Exelon and ComEd are focused on boosting the economy and introducing new jobs. Learn more details about the impact of this Bill at Utility Post.
One Wilshire to Gain 28 MW of Capacity
A leading meet-me room for LA data centers, One Wilshire has announced that it’s undergoing a series of upgrades to expand its capacity. The 29th floor previously housed an office tenant but is now being upgraded into a shell space for increased interconnection center capacity. Get more details at the
Data Center Frontier.
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