Turning 50

Turning 50

Issue: #50
 The Milldam Monthly has turned 50! Published since 2012, our monthly newsletter showcases industry trends and stories and also offers regular PR tips so our clients and colleagues can learn from our experience.


In celebration of 50 issues, this edition focuses on content and articles that will help you shape your own PR efforts for years to come.


The PR tip explores 50 blogs run by journalists about journalism. By understanding reporting through the eyes of the column writers, PR professionals can best hook the interest of reporters and build long-term relationships. Furthermore, our client news items reveal the variety of PR activities available to companies today: new hire announcements, industry-specific quizzes and social media outlets, email newsletters, interview opportunities, and more. The multitude of options available today give companies plenty of PR leverage to drive public awareness year after year.


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Last Month’s Blogs
Every week, we release a new post to our company blog, the
Milldam Minute. Below, please see the blogs published since our last newsletter along with a quick synopsis in case you’re interested in reading more!
October’s group of blogs demonstrates the lasting and far-reaching effects of PR, something our 50 issues of the
Milldam Monthly collectively show as well. These editions of the
Milldam Minute explore everything from the value of PR to the benefits of regularly reaching out to your key audiences during the September/October time frame.
The Arts and The Data Center
There are more connections than you might think between data centers and the arts. This blog explores how data centers have served as artistic inspiration for a variety of projects, as well as the PR opportunities each artistic partnership offers.
September – October Photo Editorial
Our busy September kept us on the road into early October! This Photo Editorial covers Data Center World in New Orleans, the Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit in Las Vegas, a quick trip to see clients in the Bay Area, and our last stop at the Critical Facilities Summit in Charlotte, NC. Enjoy!
Wrap It Up or Kick It Off: Early Fall Newsletters
The transition from Q3 to Q4 prompts many companies to review progress-to-date. It’s also a good opportunity to get back in touch with some specific audiences, whether that be general, partners, or potential customers. This article outlines some tactics for developing an email marketing campaign specifically in the early-fall time frame.
The Power of Public Relations: More Than Column Inches
The latest issue of “Pure BS,” Brendon Stellman’s column, examines the value of PR and how to quantify this value when metrics aren’t available. The inspiration for this piece was derived from a quote at PR Week’s conference, ”
…the value PR brings to the table is undisputed.” – 
Toby Cosgrove, CEO of Cleveland Clinic.


Crisis Has Struck! Now What?
While it may not be your favorite topic to think about, crisis communication is a crucial element of any PR plan. This piece outlines the aspects of crisis communication to understand both before a crisis arrives, as well as during a stressful scenario.


Meta Journalism
We regularly send journalists pitches of your stories. Our goal is to show these journalists why your news is important for consideration and worthy of coverage. These reporters, editors, bloggers, and writers can then craft this news into articles, blogs, and quotes, incorporate to print versions, perhaps use for an infographic, a webinar, an interview, or just blast out to their social media channels.
While we approach journalists to contribute to their coverage on your behalf, they ultimately remain committed to their primary interests of writing and reporting. These actions have changed over the years, especially with the rise of digital media.
In celebration of 50 editions of the
Milldam Monthly, we want to share with you 50 websites and blogs “by journalists, for journalists.” Beyond reading the articles reporters publish, we feel it’s important to look at the journalists who are writing about the process of writing. These kinds of pieces produce really interesting insight on how reporters approach the crafting of a story. Gaining this kind of information helps PR professionals establish mutually beneficial relationships with journalists and supports our own knowledge of how digital media impacts story-telling and news releases.
While the article “50 Blogs By Journalists, For Journalists 2016” offers a full 50 selections, we’ve pulled a few below that might be of particular interest to you:
  • #16 “Journal of a Journalist” covers science and tech specifically.
  • #28 “Press Think” explores the state of the press in a digital era.
  • #41-43 focus on “data” and include contributors with backgrounds in data journalism (“The Functional Art“), with Google (“Simon Rogers“), and from UC Davis’  Center for Science and Innovation Studies (“Musings on Maps“), respectively.
Although the outlet that published this article is a UK website, the sites and journalists listed are based primarily in both the UK and US.
Instor Solutions Contributes Containment Questions for Mission Critical Magazine Quiz
Mission Critical Magazine recently produced an online quiz focused on data center containment. Instor Solutions regularly installs containment solutions in facilities and contributed their series of questions testing industry knowledge on the subject. Try your hand at the quiz at
Mission Critical Magazine.


Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine Features Upsite’s Thought Leadership on Airflow
In a piece exploring the relationship between data center airflow management and seismic protection, Cabling Installation & Maintenance’s editor drew on Upsite’s knowledge from a blog. The original blog post was written by consultant Ian Seaton for Upsite and reflects the airflow management company’s years of expertise on the subject. Read more at
Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine.
Data Economy Interviews Hurricane Electric on New Internet Exchange in Marseille
Hurricane Electric has established an IX through Marseille, France with France-IX. This partnership will bring Hurricane’s robust IPv4 and IPv6 network to service customers within the EMEA region. The announcement occurs shortly after Hurricane established connectivity in Luxembourg, at LuxConnect’s DC1.1 data center. Read thoughts about this IX from Hurricane’s CEO Mike Leber in the article at
Data Economy.
The Austin Business Journal Publishes Feature on RF Code’s New CTO
RF Code welcomes a new CTO this October. Dr. Peter Vancorenland, former Silicon Labs executive, has joined the data center SaaS company. He brings over 14 years of experience in systems software and Internet of Things to the role. He also holds 23 patents in a variety of technical fields. Learn more about this new addition to the Austin, TX-based company at the
Austin Business Journal.
OpTerra Energy Services Leading Sponsor of National Grid’s October Event
OpTerra Energy Services actively participated in the 2016 National Grid Energy Efficiency Summit. As a Diamond Sponsor, OpTerra continues to demonstrate its commitment to efficiency in New England. During 2015, the C&I Division installed nearly 50,000 LED fixtures! Read more about the event at
North American Clean Energy.
Energy Manager Today Features Speaker from Critical Facilities Summit on ASHRAE’s New Data Center Standards
The 2016 Critical Facilities Summit drew multiple industry experts, one of whom was David Quirk of DLB Associates. Quirk led a panel on the conflicts between ASHRAE 90.1 and ASHRAE 90.4 at CFS, a discrepancy this article explores.  Ultimately, this update in standards is intended to improve the overall efficiency of data centers. See the full story at
Energy Manager Today.


ColocationGuard Partners with Epsilon Telecom To Offer Global Interconnection Services and Intelligent Networks 

Epsilon will deliver on demand cloud access to local, regional and global connectivity for customers of New York-based ColoGuard Enterprise Solutions, Brooklyn’s only colocation facility. This partnership will enable customers of ColocationGuard the ability to connect directly to leading cloud service providers and other locations around the world through Epsilon’s platform. Read more details at Cloud Strategy Magazine.

RLE Technologies Releases Fall Update 
The leader in leak detection recently published a comprehensive fall update newsletter that features firmware engineer, Ben Houston. The interview was focused on his current research and documentation of the RF ecosystem within a data center. The newsletter also covers recent company news and a leak detection tip-of-the-month: Structural Failures. See the entire update by
RLE Technologies.
SnapChat Welcomes Former AWS VP of Infrastructure
Remember our newsletter, ”
In a Snap” published this summer? We weren’t the only ones interested in the movement of this growing company. Former VP of Infrastructure for Amazon Web Services, Jerry Hunter, has joined Snap (parent company of SnapChat). The company has been using Google Cloud Services to date, but perhaps this addition to Snap indicates a move towards their own enterprise cloud data centers. Read more about the new hire at
Datacenter Dynamics.


Government Technology Considers President Obama’s Impact on Tech
This article, which is part of a larger series, specifically examines how the Obama Administration has worked to improve data center efficiency and consolidate data centers. Shifting to cloud technology made this consolidation possible, and is hoped to help lower the
$600 billion spent by the federal government on IT infrastructure within the last 10 years. Read more at Government Technology.
Digital Realty and Equinix Top The EPA’s Green Power Partnership Top 30 Tech and Telecom for Renewable Energy
Due to a wind power purchase agreement in July, Digital Realty is this year’s data center provider that uses the most renewable energy. In a recent survey, Data Center Knowledge discovered that 70 percent of the participating users consider sustainability when selecting data center providers. Equinix and Rackspace also ranked high on the list for their renewable energy efforts. Get the entire story at Data Center Knowledge.
2016 New England Expo and Technical Forum
November 3
DCU Center
Worcester, MADatacenter Dynamics Brazil
November 8-9
São Paulo Centro de Eventos Pro Magno
São Paulo, Brazil

The Fifth Annual Southwest Data Center Summit

Framingham, MA
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