The Milldam Monthly: World Traveler

The Milldam Monthly: World Traveler

Issue: #46


Happy Summer!


We’re doing something different this year: Welcome to the first Newsletter Series by Milldam Public Relations. Over the next three months, we’re paying special attention to the theme of “News on the Go.”


Summer brings people in and (more often than not) out of the office all over the world. Whether you’re heading to the family beach house, out for a day on the lake, a hike in the mountains, or a flight to somewhere new, we know how important it is to retain a grasp on your news for reasons both personal and professional.


Milldam remains busy in our Concord, MA headquarters, but we also need our “News on the Go” as we attend events and visit clients all around the country throughout the summer.


As such, don’t miss the following series of newsletters, packed with stories and tips to keep you informed with “News on the Go”:
  • June: World Traveler 
    • Be sure that the news you read and the news you share is accessible anywhere.
  • July: In a Snap
    • Create and absorb news that is quick and concise for yourself and your audience.
  • August: Going Mobile
    • The best tool for “news on the go” is your phone, of course, so make good use of it.
Milldam’s travels this month featured a few events close to home: the annual New England Energy Efficiency Conference and Expo (NEEECE) in Boston and the NYC Telecom Exchange. Be sure to check out our photo editorials for both events, linked below:


Great turnout at NEEECE this year!
Our clients remain very busy as well! Keep reading to learn more and find out about some upcoming events that you won’t want to miss!


 As always, if you’re interested in exploring how we can support your public relations and marketing efforts, just reach out.


Best Wishes,
Adam Waitkunas
Milldam Public Relations
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Optimize SEO for Maximum Audience


As noted, the summer season increases the average worker’s mobility. Everyone is staying in touch while on vacation, working from home with the kids, or bouncing in and out of the office. It’s likely that you work in an industry that is always changing and evolving, and so you need to be confident that your web content is showing-up in various keyword searches. This helps to ensure that your website is viewable all over the world. The question remains: how can you improve your website and make sure that it’s also retrieving quality visitors and the leads you seek?


Consider these tips for optimizing on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), originally published in “On-Page SEO 101: Tips for Keyword Optimizing the Most Critical Parts of Your Website”:
  1. Start with an SEO review of your site to determine how you already perform. Either work with an external firm or look for online tools to help you with this process, including some additional in-depth tips in the article linked below.
  2. Add keywords to 5 important places on your website, including titles, descriptions, and URLs. 
  3. Avoid search penalties, which include “keyword stuffing” certain pages or posts in an unnatural or unnecessary manner. 
  4. Create a good user experience and remember: when someone gets to your website, where do you want them to go and how easily can they get there?


Need some more context? 
Here’s a break-down of the difference between on-page and off-page SEO:
  • On-page optimization – what a website says to a search engine like Google or Yahoo.
  • Off-page optimization – what other websites say about a website. This is done externally by a link.
Essentially, on-page optimization means that you improve your webpage so that it will rank higher than others on search engine results pages. Refining your on-page SEO will help you attract the right visitors to your website, which will have a vast impact on your inbound marketing efforts. 


Ultimately, you want to optimize your pages for search engines so that they can understand who you are, what you do, and what you’re writing about, from anywhere in the world they may be trying to access your products and company news.


To learn more on the subject, read the full post on HubSpot



The Family Vacation and The Business Trip: When Two Worlds Collide
Traveling for business is far from uncommon in today’s global marketplace. You often hear of people travelling to different countries, continents or just across state lines for business. Though travelling the world (or the country) can be fun, this ultimately means less time with family for the regular traveler.


But what if you could get the best of both worlds and bring the family along on your business trips?


In a recent article published by the Wall Street Journal,  Guido Polito, CEO of Baglioni Hotels, discusses the possibility of business trips becoming family vacations. He offers his industry perspective on bringing his family with him when he travels and gives some advice on how to get your work done while also enjoying time with your family. 


Here are five tips from Polito on how to mix business and pleasure:
  • Stay extra days – if your business trip ends on Friday, stay until Sunday so you have some quality time with family.
  • Plan ahead – especially when it is more than just immediate family coming along, meaning the addition of grandma, cousins, second cousins, etc. Make sure to choose activities that will appeal to all ages.
  • Establish boundaries – only bring the family if a clear line can be drawn between personal time and business.
  • Speak the language – places with no language barrier tend to work best because your family members are going to have a good amount of downtime while you deal with business. You want to make sure that they can assimilate themselves well.
  • Tell your boss – make sure to let your employer know! Tell them that your family’s travel expenses won’t have to come out of the company’s pocket. Be clear with them; you don’t want them to think you have something to hide.
Polito places a strong emphasis on planning ahead of time. He reports that he will schedule meetings in the morning or afternoon so that he has either the beginning or end of the day to enjoy with his family. He has a young son, so he recommends ensuring that your hotel is kid friendly  – offering a pool, childcare services, etc.


While this option may not be possible for everyone, it’s certainly worth considering. You may no longer have to miss out on those precious moments with your kids while you’re away – both staying in touch on family news and keeping up with business updates can be brought “on the go” while you travel.


Read the entire article at the Wall Street Journal.
451 Research Examines RF Code’s Strategic Direction, Reports Healthcare Facilities Today
A provider of enterprise solutions for real-time operational intelligence across asset lifecycle management and environmental monitoring in data centers and healthcare, RF Code is transitioning to software and analytics with a service-based focus. 451 explores the positive impact of this model within IoT and data center management. See the full article at Healthcare Facilities Today.


Mission Critical Magazine Publishes on 4th Annual Critical Facilities Summit
The popular data center publication recently posted a piece on the 2016 Critical Facilities Summit, announcing open registration for the event. The 2016 Summit is being held this October 3-5 in Charlotte, North Carolina and is featuring a new Executive Briefing Track, which focuses on what’s driving the development of critical facilities from a high-level. Read more about the event at Mission Critical Magazine.


Upsite Technologies Demonstrates Effectiveness of 4 Rs Airflow Management Methodology with Future Facilities’ Software
A leader in data center cooling, Upsite Technologies recently collaborated with Future Facilities to prove the effectiveness of its 4 Rs methodology to airflow management. 6SigmaDCX was used to model a 4,000-square-foot data center, revealing the many positive results of Upsite’s strategy. Learn more about the project at ACHR News.


Data Center Knowledge Features Future Resource Engineering’s Expertise on Data Center Efficiency Incentives
Future Resource Engineering’s Tim Hirschenhofer writes on the topic in an feature piece for Data Center Knowledge. In his article, Hirschenhofer discusses efforts being made by utility companies to inspire data center owners and operators to make their facilities more energy efficient by offering financial incentives. Read the piece at Data Center Knowledge.


Upsite Technologies Featured For Airflow Management Awareness Month in Story on Data Center Efficiency by IT Business Edge
The leading IT publication discusses “The Easy Way Toward Data Center Efficiency” by exploring forward-looking efforts for improving data center efficiency and related environmental impacts. One such example is Upsite’s Airflow Management Awareness Month. In addition to increased efficiency, significant financial savings can also result from proper airflow management. See the article at IT Business Edge.


Energy Manager Today Reports on OpTerra Energy’s Energy Upgrade to Historic Baltimore Building  
Premier energy trade publication Energy Manager Today published an article discussing how OpTerra Energy Services’ C&I Division completed a project that will significantly reduce energy use at the City Crescent Building in Baltimore. One of the city’s historical structures, the building retained its character amid significant upgrades. Read more about the project at Energy Manager Today.


Future Resource Engineering Named Among “20 Most Promising Data Center Solution Providers” by CIO Review
Future Resource Engineering, a firm that implements turnkey solutions to improve operational inefficiencies in data centers, was recently highlighted by the CIO Review for its work in the industry. In the last year, Future Resource Engineering secured utility incentives to finance efficiency projects across 40 data centers in the United States. Read the full article at Mission Critical Magazine.
This Means War; Game of War
Peak Hosting, an Oregon based data center company has recently laid off hundreds of employees and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after losing one of its largest clients, Machine Zone (also known as the company behind the popular game, Game of War). Both Peak Hosting and Machine Zone are battling in a California courtroom over one hundred million dollars. Read the full story at Oregon Live.


Data Center Industry Improving Energy Efficiency in the US
Over the last five years, the demand for data center capacity in the United State has exponentially increased while data center energy consumption has only somewhat grown, due to increased efforts in efficiency. In 2014, US data centers consumed roughly 70 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. The DOE’s study mentioned in this article estimates that energy efficiency improvements will have saved 620 billion kWh between 2010 and 2020. To learn more, read the full article at Data Center Knowledge.


Colocation Firms Building Fewer – But Larger – Data Centers
More organizations are using cloud services, which means companies are competing for data center space, resulting in an increase in the overall demand for colocation. If demand is so high, this article questions, why are fewer data centers being built? The answer is simple – data centers are getting bigger and individual facilities can now house more than ever before. Read on at The WHIR.


Breaking Glass Networks – Growing the Presence of Women in Telecom
Part of a discussion at International Telecoms Week 2016 included varying perspectives on how women can increase their presence within the male dominated telecommunications industry. The discussion was tightly focused on what will take the telecom industry to the next level and all parties agreed that the industry needs to improve on acceptance of women within fields of science. Learn more about female presence in the industry reported by Data Center Post.
July 13
Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel
Toronto, ON, Canada


July 22
Cambridge, MA


July 24-27

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

New Orleans, LA


August 24-26
Westin Harbour Castle
Toronto, ON, Canada

EITA Smart Cities Forum 2016

August 26
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA


September 12-15
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, LA


September 14-15
Embassy Suites by Hilton
Dulles, VA

Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit

September 19-21
Bellagio Resort and Hotel
Las Vegas, NV


September 29
Venue TBA
Location TBA


October 3-5
Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, NC
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