Milldam Monthly: The “March Madness” of Public Relations

Milldam Monthly: The “March Madness” of Public Relations


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Issue: #43
                       THE MILLDAM MONTHLY 
Welcome to the March edition of the Milldam Monthly.  It’s been “madness” this March around the Milldam office as well. This month featured the annual (and always enjoyable) Data Center World Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, where we also held our popular Milldam Reception. Be sure to view our complete photo editorial – linked below.
Focused on the “chaos” of PR, the”March Madness” newsletter examines how to effectively maintain a work-life balance and some tips on how to manage the moving pieces that compose the creativity (and occasional chaos) of a PR campaign. Our client news this month covers a range of announcements, from new products and partnerships to recent hires and milestones.
Along those same lines, I have an exciting personal milestone to share: my wife Kelly and I welcomed our first child, Willow, to the world on March 15th!
I’m happy to report that we’re all doing well, if slightly sleep deprived.
As always, if you are looking for PR advice or have questions regarding marketing strategy, please feel free to reach out. In the meantime, follow us on our social media channels to stay informed about what Milldam Public Relations and our clients are up to.
Best Wishes,
Best Wishes,
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Milldam Public Relations
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We’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip out to Las Vegas for the Data Center World Global Conference, held at Mandalay Bay. While in Vegas, we also stopped at the Channel Partners Conference at the Venetian. One of the trip highlights was our annual Data Center Reception, held for the third year running in a suite at the Cosmopolitan.

Check out a few photos from our trip below or 

Can Work-Life Balance Be Achieved?
How do we juggle all that life throws at us? We strive to find a balance between work, family, school, friends or whatever hobbies or interests fill our schedule. Searching for that happy medium in our lives may be easier said then done, but it is important to know what you want to achieve on a daily basis and to set goals. It is unrealistic to believe we will achieve a perfect work-life balance every single day, or that your idea of balance is the same as everyone else’s, but each individual can work towards finding their own sense of balance!
Here are a few suggestions to support you along the way.
1. Be open about your needs – Everyone is on a different schedule, so think about what you need to get done on a daily basis and how you can make a routine that works for you (and the people around you if necessary).
2. Respect boundaries – If you don’t respect your own boundaries, the people around you won’t either. When you are at home with your kids, focus on them. You can answer emails while at work or separate from family time.
3. Understand what really matters – “Time is the most valuable commodity in life: it is one thing you cannot buy more of. So, don’t waste time.” How true! Plan ahead, make some lists, or set a few goals before you get your day started so you can make the most of your 24 hours.
4. Embrace the “off button” – Take some time away from technology (yes we know this is hard!). When you’re constantly nose deep in your mobile device, you ignore what is happening around you. A break from your phone can result in greater clarity for your mind and you will be able to better enjoy those around you.
5. Pace yourself – In order to keep balance in life, take time to slow down and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t take on too much and learn how to say “no” when you have too much on your plate.
Read the full article, 
The “March Madness” of Public Relations
Basketball fans rejoice! It’s the time of year when college basketball controls our TV screens and filling brackets with friends becomes your new favorite hobby. Whether it’s the “Sweet Sixteen,” “Elite Eight,” or “Final Four” of the tournament, there are a few PR lessons that can be learned from March Madness.
Check out these 5 ‘points’ on how March Madness relates to your PR campaigns:
1. Never Discount the Underdog – When #2 ranked Michigan State played #15 ranked Middle Tennessee in the first round, everyone predicted MSU to not only win that game, but eventually make it to the Final Four. Middle Tennessee shocked everyone and pulled off one of the biggest upsets in NCAA history. If you’re a smaller company, find the angle or topic that isn’t being covered yet and make it your specialty – that way you can find your voice outside of big names. You might even be surprised with the strength of your impact!
2. Study, Study, Study – Having intimate knowledge of your company, your competitors, and the media relevant to you is vital to get ahead of the game. Be able to pitch the media (or have your PR firm do it!) information about yourself that relates to your specific interests, so that they will be more likely to cover your news and build a sustainable relationship with your company.
3. There is no “I” in team – Teamwork is just as important on the basketball court as it is in the office. Everyone in the business must do their part in order for the team to succeed, from you, your sales guys, marketing team, PR firm, and everyone else.
4. Develop a (Flexible) Game Plan – Although PR professionals are no strangers to planning ahead, we must also be prepared to make changes on the go in order to ‘pivot’ into the best results. You never know when something will come up, and having a plan set in place beforehand that you’ve discussed with your firm or team is likely to achieve a better outcome than trying to pick up the pieces later on.
5. Communication is Key – Communication must be constant with your teammates during a basketball game and the same applies to your PR team and the media. When you are given an award or will be speaking at an event, make sure that everyone knows! Whichever team wins the March Madness tournament will not be shy in sharing their accomplishment!
Read the full blog,
Future Facilities Partners With Belden for Data Center CFD Modeling
By utilizing Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDCX, Belden will help customers to quantify data center performance in terms of its ability to deliver power and cooling to the IT load and utilize power and infrastructure efficiently.
Find out more at Electronics Protection.
Future Resource Engineering Appoints Rick Sommers as Controls Engineer
Sommers will be responsible for the development, programming, installation, and on-site startup and commissioning of HVAC controls for mission critical environments at his new role in the data center energy optimization firm.
Read on at Mission Critical.
Pacific Business News Features Hurricane Electric
Hurricane Electric has teamed up with Honolulu’s DRFortress to bring high-speed Internet transit to the state. “This new PoP opens a range of exciting opportunities for Hurricane Electric, as Hawaii is at the nexus of submarine cables in the Pacific,” said Mike Leber, President of Hurricane Electric.
Read the full piece at Pacific Business News.
Upsite Technologies Unveils EnergyLok Environmental Monitoring System® (EMS) 300™ at AFCOM’s Data Center World 
The latest addition to Upsite’s robust product line gives facility managers and data center operators an advanced tool to optimize cooling efficiency and prevent downtime in their mission critical space.
For more information, visit Electronics Protection.

Hurricane Electric Becomes First Internet Backbone in the World to Connect to 5,000 IPv4 Networks 
Hurricane Electric is excited to announce that they are now the world’s most connected IPv4 network with more than 5,000 connections worldwide. This is an impressive achievement on top of its position as the world’s largest IPv6-native Internet backbone.
Read the full article at Mission Critical.
Growth of the Boston Data Center Market 
This interview with Gabe Cole, who recently joined JLL to lead the New England Data Center Practice Group, focuses on his perspectives on this fast-growing and ever-evolving market. In Boston, the data center market is becoming more energy efficient and the primary driver of growth is the biopharmaceutical sector.
Read more at The JLL Blog.
The Effects of Energy Star Ratings on the Data Center 
It comes as no surprise that the Federal Government has been pushing to increase energy efficiency in data centers over the last several years. In 2009 the EPA released the first “Energy Star for Servers” program, which defined a series of energy usage and efficiency requirements. A new article, taken from the Data Center Frontier Special Report on Data Center Cooling Standards looks at the impact of Energy Star Ratings on data center IT equipment.
Learn more at Data Center Frontier
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