ACE Score – a new method of ranking the data center by Future Facilities on TelecomBloger


TelecomBloger recently posted about Future Facilties ACE metric. From the article:

The software company Future Facilities North America (Future Facilities NA), a leading provider of software for the design of data centers and operational management and IT-support equipment, has introduced the attention of experts its new methodology for assessing the performance of the data center called the ACE Score. The presentation took place at the International Conference Data Center World 2013 which was held in late September in Orlando, Florida (USA).

U.S. officials said the company was informed that a certain score in the ranking system of ACE Score is assigned to the evaluated data center after studying its virtual model (Virtual Facility), which fully reflects the real state of the object. The rank of server farms using techniques ACE Score is intended to help operators of data centers in search of more effective mechanisms of exploitation of their computing infrastructure while maintaining maximum performance and minimize the risk of downtime.

This system can be applied in respect of existing data centers, and in respect of not yet constructed objects with specified parameters.In the latter case, engineers and builders through the ACE Score will be able to quickly make changes to the buildings under construction at the stage of its design in order to optimize the efficiency of the computing infrastructure.

According to the recommendations on the use of new metrics, the level of productivity of the data center is evaluated in the context of the three categories (availability, capacity and efficiency). Received after the assessment of the current configuration of the results compared to the optimal values ​​that are specified in the project.

Representatives of Future Facilities North America noted that the use of predictive functions developed by the software to manage the infrastructure of the data center (Data Center Infrastructure Management; DCIM) called 6SigmaDC allows data center operators to determine the best way to adjust their infrastructure to maintain or improve the performance of controlled object, based on the results of the test ACE Score.

“We are pleased to introduce ACE Score at Data Center World in 2013,” said sales manager for Future Facilities NA Christian Pastrana.”We have developed a metric ACE, to help operators of data centers to compare the performance of controlled objects with the intention of the designers, track the effectiveness of IT-and supporting infrastructure in the context of long periods of time and, ultimately, to make informed and effective solutions to bring efficiency to the data center the highest level. ”

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