Bluestone Energy Contributes a Web-Exclusive on LEDs to Today’s Facility Manager


Bluestone Energy was recently featured as a web-exclusive on Today’s Facility Manager for their piece exploring LED lighting and things to remember when approaching a retrofit or installation. From the article:

Many facility managers (fms) know the feeling of the tall ladders, burnt fingers, clinging dust, and dead insects that go along with the routine process of changing a lamp. Office spaces, manufacturing facilities, lobbies, garages, and most other indoor and outdoor facilities require lighting in one form or another, and yet among many other fm tasks, lighting maintenance can be a costly and time consuming chore.

LED lighting improves sustainability by lowering the energy used to power fixtures, improves working conditions through directed light, and lowers costs by lasting much longer than previous lighting solutions.

Although the initial cost of installing LED lighting can appear overwhelming, the ROI of an LED retrofit usually occurs within five years of installation, for a lighting solution that can last for 10 years or more. Fms who are thinking about making the switch to LEDs should tackle two questions prior to a lighting retrofit. What do they need to consider before installing LED lighting and, once it’s there, how should they best evaluate if LED lighting is truly working?

Installing LED Lighting: Three Things to Remember
Whether a single lamp replacement or an entire facility retrofit, there are several elements of LED lighting to consider before making the change.

Read the full article at Today’s Facility Manager.