Hurricane Electric March 2013 Carrier Networking Event


Milldam recently organized and held the first of Hurricane Electric’s Carrier Networking Events for 2013 on March 27, co-sponsored by  Silicon Valley Web Builder.




From 6 to 8 PM, over 150 guests were in attendance and were able to meet carriers that have networks in Hurricane’s Fremont facilities including XO Communications and Level 3.




In addition, server equipment manufacturers Lopoco and SuperMicro had tables to show their latest hardware offerings. Complimentary food and drinks were provided.



At 8 PM,  Skydera founder and CEO Lecole Cole spoke on  how to establish, scale and  maintain a startup in the cloud. Cole reviewed:

  •    Initial costs of establishing a cloud presence
  •    Burn rate over the critical first six months
  •    Scaling while managing burn rate
  •    Cost-effective disaster recovery
  •    Cost-effective high availability
  •    Minimizing expenditures for reserved assets

The next full Carrier Event for Hurricane Electric is scheduled for the end of May.